Experience the depths of the Psalms like never before!
Forever change the way you understand this ancient Hebrew prayer book.

You will be enriched and blessed as you join us for this remarkable journey through the Psalms from a unique Jewish & Christian perspective. The insights you will gain from these sessions will open up a whole new world of study in your life as you encounter the God of the Bible. Join us today!

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From Your Lips To God's Ears: Hardcover Book By Reuben Ebrahimoff

This masterpiece volume from Reuben Ebrahimoff,
co-teacher of the Psalms Masterclass, is the perfect companion resource to take your learning even deeper.
  • Comprehensive Hebrew study, illustrations, and historical background to take you step by step through the Psalms 
  • Devotional resource to use in your daily life
  • Special discounted price for course participants
  • Continue your study for many years to come
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What people are saying about
The Psalms Masterclass

Rick Pino

Worship Leader

I can’t think of anyone I would rather learn about the Psalms from than Bishop Robert Stearns! His heart for the Hebrew roots of our faith will deepen your worship experience like you would have never thought possible. Don’t miss this awesome course!

Karen Wheaton

Founder, The Ramp

We must allow the same Holy Spirit who breathed on the writers of scripture to teach us today as we study the Word. In the Psalms Masterclass, my dear friend Bishop Robert Stearns teams up with Reuben Ebrahimoff to guide us in a God-breathed understanding of the powerful words written by David and the other writers of the Psalms.  Don’t miss it!


Julie Meyer

Author of 30 Days of Praying the Psalms

I have known Bishop Robert Stearns and Eagles’ Wings for many years, and his heart for the Lord in worship has been an example to so many believers across the nations.  I know you will be amazingly blessed to participate in the Psalms Masterclass, learning insights from some of the best teachers in the world! 

What is "The Psalms Masterclass"?

The Psalms Masterclass is the fruit of Christians and Jews coming together to study the ancient Hebrew Scriptures and what they continue to speak to us today. It is a unique, interactive opportunity to broaden and deepen one's understanding of the Psalms in their original context, without the time and expense required by a typical seminary experience.

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Who is this class for?

The Psalms Masterclass is especially designed for pastors, teachers, and any and all believers who want to deepen their understanding of the Psalms and the Jewish roots of their faith. There are no prerequisites other than a desire to learn. All are welcome! 

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What you can expect...

In this course you will find engaging material, world-class teachers, and a fascinating and remarkable style of study that speaks of the historic times we are living in. Expect to be transformed and to come away with an appetite to learn even more! 

About the Teachers

Reuben Ebrahimoff and Bishop Robert Stearns became fast friends through a passionate commitment to exploring the Hebrew Scriptures and to strengthening the growing relationship between Jews and Christians in this hour. Rabbi Ebrahimoff is widely regarded as one of the leading experts in the Jewish world on the biblical Prophets and the Psalms, and Bishop Stearns is a skilled communicator who has been on the forefront of Jewish-Christian relations for several decades. Their interactive style of teaching together will both deepen your understanding of the Scriptures and make you hungry for more!

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Psalms Masterclass

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The Study of the Psalms that will forever change the way you read the Bible!

Purchase the course today and gain instant access to the video course sessions, handouts, and a special discounted rate on the book From Your Lips to God's Ears. 

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