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Urgent Petition to Uphold Rule of Law


The Issue

The Sonesta Hotel in Nashville, TN, has been intimidated with threats of violence from Hamas sympathizers and coerced into canceling The Israel Summit, a peaceful gathering intended to educate Christians on fighting anti-semitism and on their biblical connection with the Holy Land. Allegedly, the Nashville Police told the Sonesta hotel that they cannot guarantee safety and protection from violence toward the hotel, its workers, guests, and neighboring businesses, which have allegedly also been threatened, leading the Sonesta Hotel to break contract with the event organizer.

This cancellation potentially violates the terms of the contract between the Sonesta Hotel and the event organizer, HaYovel (Hebrew for “Jubilee”), and is considered unlawful religious discrimination, impacting not only the Christian organization, but also the over 400 Americans from multiple states who have pre-registered to attend.


How does this impact you?

If we Americans do not stand up and get loud, we allow for a dangerous precedent to be set that businesses and law enforcement bend and break to hostile intimidation, bullying, and evil propaganda. Your right to assemble; your right to worship; your right to speak; are all at risk right here in the heartland of America.


Act now! Sign this urgent petition:


To Tennessee Senators Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty, Congressman Andy Ogles, Governor Bill Lee, and Nashville Mayor Freddie O'Connell:

We urgently appeal to you to dutifully uphold the rule of law and allow law-abiding American citizens to congregate and participate without fear in a peaceful assembly.

Through this petition we immediately call for you to:

  1. Hold the Sonesta Hotel to honor their contractual obligations to The Israel Summit organizer, HaYovel.
  2. Urge Nashville law enforcement to fulfill their duty to protect citizens participating in lawful activity at the Sonesta hotel against all enemies, “foreign and DOMESTIC.”
  3. Fulfill your sworn duties to defend the constitutional rights of all Americans, including the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly, the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion, and the right to freedom of speech.

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