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"The Telling" FREE BOOK & Webinar, with Mark Gerson

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 About "The Telling"

The Haggadah, is found in homes around the world, and has guided Jewish families and friends through Pesach celebrations for millennia. Fittingly, “Haggadah” is the Hebrew word for “telling”—and Mark Gerson reveals what the amazing story tells us, and how the Jewish teachings, ideas, and principles it contains can help each of us to live a happier, better, and more meaningful life.

"The Telling" shows how the Haggadah is the great Jewish guidebook for life, ready to help us to ask and answer the eternal questions. Questions about miracles, mission, music, good and evil, actions and character, Jews and Gentiles, beginnings and (non)endings, order and freedom, gratitude, joy and happiness, self-transformation, false humility, blessings, parenthood, education, family, forgiveness, second chances, ideology, watching, newness, Zionism, our relationship with God... and much more.

Calling on a diverse array of subjects to understand the Haggadah—including Talmudic discussion, archaeology, sociology, psychology, American history, and brain science—"The Telling" is a groundbreaking examination of one of the most powerful texts in Judaism, and an indispensable source of wisdom and insight for people of all faiths.

What People Are Saying:

“Transformative and compelling, Mark Gerson’s inspired book, The Telling, brings us into the Haggadah as a guide for life, given to the Jewish people but a gift for all humanity. The ideas in this captivating book will enable everyone to enjoy lives that are fuller and richer. -- Bishop Robert Stearns, Executive Director, Eagles' Wings”

Bishop Robert Stearns

“In The Telling , Mark Gerson gives a masterful overview of the principles underlying the Seder. For anyone looking to explore purpose in a modern world, and anyone looking to add lively discussion to your net observance of Pesach, this book is for you." -- Gordon Robertson, CEO, the Christian Broadcasting Network”

Gordon Robertson

“Just when I thought I knew everything about the Haggadah, I opened up Mark's book, and sure enough, I found myself thinking differently, questioning, and wrestling with big new ideas. I am excited to bring these ideas forward to my family's Seder and meaningful conversations all year round." -- Sarah Waxman, founder of "At The Well”

Sarah Waxman

“Mark Gerson draws on a diverse set of Jewish and secular wisdom to illuminate the Passover story in all its boundless depth.  This book, which seamlessly transitions between rich storytelling, fascinating Biblical interpretation and deep historical context, is another reminder of why the Haggadah has been treasured by Jews for thousands of years.  The Telling is a vital contribution to the Seder — it’s a guide to the great Jewish guidebook.

" -- Rabbi David Wolpe, Temple Sinai, and voted in Newsweek 'America’s Most Influential Rabbi'”

Rabbi David Wolpe

““The account of the Passover in the book of Exodus is one of the most defining, transformational portions of scripture in the entire Bible. With the help of our Jewish brother Mark Gerson, Christians everywhere will deepen their understanding of what God accomplished in this history-altering deliverance of His people. After reading the book The Telling, you will never look at the Passover the same way ever again.””

Samuel Rodriguez

““The Jewish people have a powerful message from God to share about being delivered from a life of slavery and brought into God’s purpose for them as a nation. In his book The Telling, Mark Gerson helps us understand so much about the importance of the Passover and how it impacts our lives today as Christians. When Jews and Christians come together around this sacred biblical text, I believe that historic things will take place.””

A. R. Bernard