Unlock your purpose,
Embrace your calling,
Thrive in every season!

Discover keys from Nehemiah's story of rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem in 52 days so you can Rise and Rebuild the godly walls in your own life.



Bonuses: The 52-Day Blueprint Devotional and Video Book Study with your purchase.


Are you struggling to know what you are really called to do?

Are you feeling like there is so much more? 


Your broken places don't have to disqualify you. 

Though we all face obstacles, your broken places do not disqualify you from being used by God. Rather, they can become the very thing that qualifies you.

Each one of us wants to achieve what the Lord has for us: to fulfill our calling, purpose, and to thrive in every season. The challenge is that we often find ourselves facing disappointments in the time between our present reality and the vision fulfilled.

Rise and Rebuild is the result of several decades of Robert Stearns' personal journey as a spiritual leader, father, author of several best-selling books, and international influencer.

Through Rise and Rebuild, Robert invites you into the insights he has learned about fulfilling purpose and calling.



You don't need slick shortcuts to rebuild. 
You need new strength to overcome obstacles. 

Join Robert Stearns and, like Nehemiah, begin your own 
Rise and Rebuild journey.

Are you ready to embark on a life-changing
journey of transformation?

Bankruptcy. Divorce. Church splits. Health issues. Problems between parents and children. In life, we often encounter challenges and obstacles that seem insurmountable, much like the broken walls of Jerusalem in the time of Nehemiah. However, just as Nehemiah rose to the occasion and rebuilt the wall in 52 days, you too can rise and rebuild the walls in your own life. Here are 3 steps on your journey of Rebuilding: 


The 3-Step Rebuilding Process:

Read the book

Watch the videos

Engage with the 52-day devotional

Learn 5 Keys of Overcoming Adversity

"There are hundreds of survival tactics, but more than all those things, in my own life I have learned
THESE 5 critical keys to rebuild walls. I know they are going to bless you!"

Robert Stearns

In this book on Nehemiah's life, Robert Stearns will take you on a journey, teaching you how to find 5 Keys to Overcoming Adversity as you traverse through your own personal obstacles and overcome adversity, so that you can rise and rebuild your own life and the world around you.


Return to Your Identity in God

Nehemiah returned to his roots in Jerusalem, straight into the midst of the brokenness. Be inspired to courageously enter the place of pain and broken dreams, expecting to meet God there.


Stir Yourself to Action

When the devastating report from his homeland reached his ears, Nehemiah had a choice to make. Discover how to stir yourself to action in order to see your purpose reach its fulfillment.


Prepare for Opposition

With enemies surrounding them and even opposition from their own people, learn how Nehemiah and his team allowed the opposing voices to propel them further into their calling and purpose.


Persevere through the Halfway Point

At the point when it would have been easiest to give up on the mission, Nehemiah and his team remained steadfast. Find out how to develop resilience and persevere to the end.


Fight the Ultimate Battle

Nehemiah's emphasis on intercession and worship was integral to his success in rebuilding. Explore the pivotal role of setting the atmosphere around you to lead you into breakthrough.

Meet the Author

Bishop Robert Stearns is a global leader in spirituality, interfaith and racial reconciliation, and human rights. A well-established musician and widely published author, he serves as the overseeing Bishop of the historic Tabernacle church in Buffalo, NY. He is also the founder and executive director of Eagles' Wings, a dynamic organization involved in strategic projects in Israel and around the world.

A well-known global ministry leader, Robert Stearns draws on years of experience on the often difficult road of leadership, as well as lessons from painful seasons in his own life. The keys he learned during these years from the story of Nehemiah will equip you with new strength for your own battles.    

Through learning to overcome adversity in his own life and ministry leadership, Robert's personal journey in a lifestyle of far-reaching impact give him a unique and powerful perspective that will inspire you to face life's challenges head-on.  

If you are looking for a simple but powerful plan to rebuild your own walls, you have found it. It’s called Rise and Rebuild.


Praise for Robert Stearns' leadership and book release

Samuel Rodriguez

Samuel Rodriguez

My dear friend Bishop Robert Stearns has delivered a powerful word to us in his book Rise and Rebuild! More than ever before, it is time to rebuild together in this hour in our nation and our communities. The Kingdom is advanced through ordinary people like you and me, and now is the time!

Doug Reed

Gov. Mike Huckabee

Bishop Robert Stearns is a unique individual with an unusual call on his life to help us understand the importance of the nation of Israel for our world. I have witnessed and been part of the important work of Eagles’ Wings and its global impact. I urge you to read Robert’s book, absorb it, and implement these valuable lessons from Nehemiah’s story in your own life today. 

Doug Reed

Rev. A. R. Bernard, Sr.

With trowel in one hand and sword in the other, Nehemiah takes on the immense task of rebuilding a broken people. Robert Stearns personalizes the story for every believer in hope and a new beginning.

A must read and worthy addition to your library.

Doug Reed

Kathie Lee Gifford

I was blessed to have met Robert many years ago. His faithful work has pioneered wonderful support for Israel which is near and dear to my heart. As you read his book Rise and Rebuild, I know you will be filled with courage to overcome obstacles and live with a deeper hope, making a tangible difference for you and all those you love and whose lives you touch. 

Doug Reed

Dr. Younghoon Lee

I am very pleased to highly recommend to you the ministry and the latest book Rise and Rebuild of Bishop Robert Stearns, one of the foremost leaders in the Church today. We are glad to have Bishop Robert as one of the Board members of CGI. Bishop Robert is making an extraordinary impact around the world, mobilizing support for Israel and a deeper Biblical understanding of the Jewish roots of our faith. In his new book, he guides you through the story of Nehemiah, producing powerful insights that will challenge, teach, and equip you to be an effective wall builder in the Kingdom of God.


Doug Reed

Ambassador David Friedman

I have witnessed personally the impressive work of Robert Stearns, his tireless commitment to work for a better, brighter world, and his bridge building between Christians and Jews. His insightful new book about the life of Nehemiah is a dynamic application of a story from ancient Israel that still speaks with relevance today. 

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Wall Builder's Toolkit

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